Cherish your freedom!

Did you make some mistakes?
Were you arrested and now facing criminal charges?

Feeling worried about your future?

You will need a lawyer, who is smart and attentive— a bold, skillful attorney with years of legal know-how, someone who knows the system and who knows how to get results.

Let Paul C. Supple represent you.
He is experienced in all types of Misdemeanor and Felony Cases — State And Federal Offenses

Paul C. Supple will fight the charges. With 16 years of experience, he has a solid record of success: dismissals, reduced charges, reduced sentences, or no jail time. He will work diligently on your behalf, with a range of investigation, discovery, court procedures and other legal remedies to build a winning strategy for you.

He will evaluate your case, discuss your legal options and explore the best course of action. And, he will talk openly about costs so that you can plan and prepare. You can feel sure that every effort is made to maintain reasonable charges and to provide sensible payment plans.

Nuestra oficina se dedica a proveer servicios legales en Español para la comunidad Hispana. El abogado Paul Supple y sus empleados hablan su idioma. Llámenos con cualquier pregunta que tengan sobre defensa criminal.


We want you to know that we are here to help you. Call our offices at any time; we will be happy to answer and explore questions or concerns you have regarding your case, be it immigration, personal injury or criminal defense.

Once you have weighed your options and have decided to hire Paul Supple as your attorney, we will prepare a "Service Agreement" for you to review and sign. Upon signing the service agreement, we will require a starting fee to begin working on your case. The fee varies according to the type or nature of the case. As soon as we receive the signed service agreement and the starting fee, Paul Supple officially becomes your lawyer and an attorney-client relationship is established.

We will then begin to manage your case: preparing the necessary paperwork, conducting inquiries and skillfully directing your case through the legal system, a system we know well. Your case is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously. You can be sure that we will do all that we can to protect you and your freedom.

"We are in this together."


Le queremos asegurar que estamos aquí para ayudarle. Llame nuestras oficinas en cualquier momento; trataremos de contestar y explorar las preguntas o preocupaciones que usted tenga con respecto a su caso, sea inmigración, daños corporales, o defensa criminal.

Una vez que usted ha considerado sus opciones y ha decidido contratar a Paul Supple como su abogado, nosotros prepararemos un "Acuerdo de Servicio" (Service Agreement) para que usted revise y firme. En cuanto se recibe el "Acuerdo de Servicio" junto con un pago inicial requerido, Paul Supple es oficialmente su abogado y se establece una relación de abogado-cliente.

Entonces comenzaremos a manejar su caso: preparando el papeleo necesario, conduciendo investigaciones y dirigiendo su caso a través del sistema legal-un sistema que conocemos muy bien. Su caso es una responsabilidad enorme que tomamos seriamente. Usted puede estar seguro que haremos todo lo posible para proteger a usted y a su libertad.

"En esto, estamos juntos"