"A serious crisis or adversity can actually
be an opportunity—
a force for change...
I see it firsthand every-
day in the people I represent. That is what keeps me going and working hard."

Get to Know Paul C. Supple

Twenty years ago while studying law at Western College of Law, Paul Supple began to envision himself as the kind of attorney he wanted to be. While there, he became keenly aware of the significance and contrast between defending people versus condemning people. His choice became clear. Today, Paul Supple is a tenacious and skillful defense attorney who has been guided throughout his legal career by a philosophy of hope: that everyone deserves a second chance. He believes that mistakes, misfortune, and hard times can often be transformational in life.

”A serious crisis or adversity can actually be an opportunity–a force for change“ he says. ”I see it firsthand everyday in the people I represent. That is what keeps me going and working hard.“

Associates, friends and family describe Paul as hardworking and fair-minded- a good-natured guy who is always ready to lend a hand. What stands out most though, is his competitiveness and resolve. His brother says that this comes from his years of playing soccer. Except, that is only part of Paul's story.

Paul C. Supple, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, was the third son of four boys, the offspring of an American father and a Mexican mother, and before Paul was a year old, he moved with his family back to Mexico City. Growing up in Mexico with three brothers, it's no surprise that Paul became an avid soccer player and fan. Later, when Paul returned to Florida at the age of sixteen, he was ready to show-off his soccer ability to his high school peers. Even more notable though, Paul came back to the United States prepared in a very special way.

With a bi-cultural and bilingual life experience, and having lived in Mexico for fifteen years, Paul gained a genuine appreciation and respect for cultural, ethnic, and language diversity. Making friends across the American spectrum came naturally to Paul. From recent migrants, to poor and working-class neighborhood kids, to diverse international students and more, Paul has always had an extraordinary rapport with others. But, he also came to recognize how differences can cause misunderstandings among people. For that reason, he has also developed sharp perceptive qualities and nurtured his empathy for others. These outstanding attributes have served Paul well throughout his life, particularly in his legal career.

Paul excelled in high school and afterwards went on to the University of Texas at Austin. There, he continued to play club soccer and received a Bachelor's degree in Communications. Not long after graduating, Paul made his way to California where he met his wife Hazel. During the early years of their marriage, Paul finished law school, went on to practice criminal law and also started a family. Paul has two children and has now practiced law for over 16 years, becoming a seasoned and savvy defense attorney.

In 1998, Paul, established the Law Offices of Paul C. Supple. Initially, the firm provided only criminal defense services. However, because of Paul's unique perspective, he decided to extend their services to immigration law.

Paul asserts, "While criminal law and immigration are quite different there is a common thread. The individuals we represent in criminal defense and immigration are all facing great challenges... there is a lot of worry and apprehension... both require a great deal of compassion and consideration... which I believe I have, and I that I also believe, makes me a better lawyer."

To be sure, the work that Paul Supple and his staff do in criminal defense, immigration law and now personal injury requires tremendous preparation and know-how, but it also a labor of love. Paul Supple loves practicing law, and he is proud of his professional accomplishments. He has handled hundreds upon hundreds of cases successfully. Over the years he has developed his legal intelligence and skills and he uses the most up-to-date legal remedies, strategies and tactics yielding formidable results for countless defendants and clients.

When it comes to his law practice, Paul Supple believes he is providing an important service for the community. Yet, he believes he must give back to society in other ways too. Soccer is still a passion of Paul, and now it is a joy of his children and wife. As an extension of that passion, he is dedicated to raising money for underprivileged soccer teams. Paul believes that team sports help kids develop discipline and cooperation. Paul and Hazel also raise money for education and cancer causes, but, they have a special place in their hearts-giving time and raising money-for New Life Beginnings, a home for pregnant homeless women, where he and Hazel adopted their daughter Gabriela.

Paul Supple is a strongly grounded man. His life mission in law and his positive personal and professional attributes grew out of his own life and learning experiences-experiences that have made him especially aware and sensitive to the issues and concerns of his clients. Paul Supple is not only the kind of person you would like to get to know, he is also someone you would definitely want on your team.


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